Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Why does it have to be so hard!? TABLA enters the Digital Age

This week we've been busy *trying* to set up our YouTube account ... There are lots of new rules about not using names that aren't actully personal names - I feel a bit bad for those celebrity babies ... Google will never let them have a gmail account!

In any case, WE NOW HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! Even if we can't add any actual information about us or a 'channel art' or our website, or blog ... *sigh* ... We're a bit late, but we're finally entering the digital age.

There are massive benefits to the "digital age", sharing videos, getting to know dancers from all over the place, getting to know the people who enjoy our dancing. There are downsides, of course, the main one being the tendency for computers (yes, in the plural) to die, taking all of your video, photos and other important dance stuff with it.

Fortunately we have backups (scattered between various troupe members). So we're opening Our YouTube Channel with a bit of a Flashback.

We're going waaay back to 2008 (that wasn't *that* long ago, was it?), when we made a very fancy video showing some of our choreography creation and rehearsal process, intermixed with photos (some with fantastically tacky photoshopped backgrounds - they looked good at the time, ok!), and bits of performance footage that wasn't on video (actual VHS video ... shhh! We're not that old!). Anyway, we thought it was awesome, so we're sharing it with you today!

Sam :)

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