Thursday, 9 July 2015

UPDATE - What do curry and bellydance have in common?

World Curry Festival Performance - Saturday 18 July 2015 11 July 2015 7pm - Garema Place Canberra

Update: The weather is definitely getting colder. With wind, rain and possibly snow forecast for the weekend of 11 July, the organisers of the World Curry Festival have postponed the event until next weekend - 18 and 19 July. So stay in, keep warm, and dance on!

The weather may be getting colder in Canberra, but that won’t stop TABLA getting out to perform at the World Curry Festival in the city. Rug up and warm up your insides with a tasty curry and a performance by TABLA Bellydance on Saturday 18 July at 7pm.

So what does curry have to do with bellydancing? Well, firstly TABLA loves good food, and curry is one of the best, however you like it.

It also shares a mixed and varied history, with many adaptations and evolutions.

From its origins in India, dishes of meat or vegetables in a spiced sauce with bread or rice have spread throughout the world, with each region adding its own special touch. Similarly, ‘bellydancing’ has been influenced and adapted by many regions and cultures to become the fabulous kaleidoscope we have today.

Curries can have many different ingredients and come in many different styles, with variations within countries and regions. This gives modern cooks many options to draw on, while still keeping in touch with tradition, much like TABLA’s joy in many different styles and influences of dance.

See? Bellydance and curry do have some things in common.

Now for a bit of fun, if a TABLA dancer was a curry, which one would she be?  

Daluna is a korma - Like any character played by Michael Cera or Zooey Deschanel, you're sweet and a little bit nuts. You've never (intentionally) hurt a soul in your life, but you probably fall over at least twice a day.

Zohra is butter chicken - Mild and inoffensive, your sweet disposition makes you everybody’s favourite. You’re sorry that people are jealous of you, but you can’t help it that you’re popular.

Inara, Hadeeqa and Sahar are all rogan josh - You prove it's possible to be a lover AND a fighter. At first glance you're sweet and approachable but underneath the surface there lurks a slow-burning passion. Everyone's always saying how great you smell.

Samina is a madras - You're the reliable one, like Lisa Simpson or Gandalf. Your favourite expression is an eye-roll accompanied by a "Never mind, I'll just do it." You don't need attention - you're content knowing that without you around, none of the others would even be here.

To find out which curry you are, take the quiz here and share your result in the comments below.

We hope to see you next Saturday night, whatever flavour you like!

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