Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Behind the scenes - getting our SEW on!

It was many years ago at a National Folk Festival that I first saw these gorgeous women in gorgeous costumes, dancing. The things that caught my eye were the colourful costumes that swirled and glittered as they moved. Next were the dazzling smiles and fun these ladies were having up there on stage. It was the colour costumes that really stuck in my mind.

 One way that we in TABLA like to make ourselves unique is to have gorgeous costumes. This means getting our sew on regularly. Now, not all of us are sewers, be we sure do have a good crack at it. One year Santa bought me a sewing machine & under the careful (& patient) instruction of Zohra, my first TABLA harem pants came to being (bright yellow bloomers with 3 meters of satin - wowzers).

 When a new costume is required we chat, research, chat some more and decide on the design. There might be working bees that find some people cutting patterns, others pinning, some over-locking & the most prestigious position- foraging for sustenance (read chocolate/coffee).

Here are some behind the scenes costume creating photos

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 Shimmy on folks!

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